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Tea Ceremony Online Course


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  • Tea Ceremony Online Video Course ($2,497 Value)

Tea Ceremony Fundamentals - 6 modules
- 6 dedicated lessons
- 4 replays of past live Q&A sessions
- 12 additional bonus video resources

Tea Ceremony Advanced - 5 modules
- 5 advanced lessons
- 3 additional bonus video resources
- 4 bonus lectures on cultural topics

Tea Ceremony Pro - 2 modules
- 3 dedicated lessons
- 2 bonus lectures
- 3 bonus resources

More than 12 hours of total video content.

  • ​Additional Learning Materials ($397 Value)
  • Replays of past live Q&A sessions ($197 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To All Videos & Material Provided ($297 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to "A Tea Practitioner's New Year" Virtual Tea Ceremony ($347 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to "Tea Ceremony Basics" Experience The Basics Of The Japanese Tea Ceremony ($347 Value)
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What Students Are Saying:

It is brilliant, well worth the investment of your time and money! You can go at your own pace, delving into areas you find of particular interest, and you can re-vist any you need more practice on. Sensei-Soesen's way of teaching is very clear and interesting. I would never have been able to find a teacher in rural Scotland 😂🍵


As someone who loves tea ceremony, was practicing a merchant class style, and has taken Sosen Sensei’s course (…and still technically taking it. My poor internet connection makes it difficult.) I can say that it is very much worth it if you have any interest in traditional warrior style tea ceremony, or tea ceremony in general. And I am proof you can take as long as you want. Haha!


I started learning tea ceremony to build a ritual in my day to help me stay in the present moment more. While I can be clumsy in my daily affairs, learning the tea ceremony has helped me to do things more mindfully, with more ground beneath me, and in a more centered way. In my relationships with others I have gained a better sense of boundaries and respect.


The more I study the Tea Ceremony course the more I love it! 😍 This week I really liked the explanation of the meaning of the hanging scroll. Hanging scrolls are so much appealing to me because for me is like discovering their inner message and profound meaning... is it the same also for Japanese people or do they understand at first sight what the kanji mean? Thank you, Tyas!

Daria Bonacini

I would like to thank Tyas for all the meticulous work he put into this course, not to mention the patience he must have mustered reading my remarks or trying to formulate elaborate answers. Thank you for outlining the weekly goals, thanks for the wonderful video material, thx for helping us on our tea journey.

Michèle Delcol

I have been deeply grateful for your instruction in the Way of Tea. There always seemed to be something in the way of my ability to focus on learning this mindful approach to tea service, and now is finally the right time. The information is delivered in a clear, precise, and accessible way, making it a pleasure to devote time to learning every day. The camera work, pacing, and careful attention to detail have me believing that I might actually come to some point of modest understanding in the not too distant future! I am also learning Japanese along with your online Tea Ceremony course. I really appreciate the glossary of terminology you’ve included. I’m trying not to rush forward and risk overwhelming my progress. It’s hard when everything is so fascinating. I also really enjoyed your book but reading it has made it hard to tamp down my curiosity.

Carmen J White

Thank you very much, Tyas and all member of Tea Ceremony Online Course. I really enjoyed this program. We had various interesting topics not only Otemae but also chashitsu, utensiles, chabana, kakejiku etc... I learned a lot and I'm happy to be at the start of Chanoyu. It was really nice lessons. The last lesson also was beautiful. It makes me want to know more...

Rika Iimori

I FINALLY got through all the material from week one and before… and on to The Cleansing Stage! Managed to do the whole session (almost 😋) in Seiza! Really LOVE❤️ all I’m learning! 👍🏻

Immig Verdonck