Why Do You Turn The Bowl Of Matcha Before Drinking?

tea ceremony Dec 26, 2022

I know that you will be perfectly capable of putting a bowl to your lips and pouring that delicious matcha into your mouth.

But can you also do it elegantly and with consideration?

Can you drink matcha in such a way, that the simple act of drinking tea fills your heart with gratitude and respect for the whole of existence itself?

Why do you turn the bowl of matcha before drinking?

When you're presented with a bowl of matcha in a tea ceremony setting, you don't want to immediately pick up the bowl and drink the tea.

There are a few steps that need to be observed before you can drink.

Step 1

First, you address your fellow guests, showing that you are considerate of their presence.

Step 2

Then, you raise the bowl to your forehead to express gratitude to the universe for presenting you with the opportunity to enjoy this matcha.

Step 3

Right before drinking, you avoid the front of the bowl, thereby expressing humility and respect towards the host and the utensils he has chosen for the occasion.

Observing these steps does not only convey a message of appreciation and humility to everyone present, but also allows you to cultivate a profound feeling of gratitude in your heart.

I strongly believe that these steps should not only be observed in the tea chamber, but any time you have a bowl of matcha at home as well, simply observing these gestures can help you to cultivate gratitude in your life.

Simply taking a slightly more ritual approach to consuming your matcha in the morning can have a tremendous impact on how you start your day.

Watch the video to learn how to implement these steps and what the significance is behind each part of the process.


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